Banana (Kluey)

Banana (Kluey)

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Many varieties of banana are grown in Thailand, but the most popular for dessert are kluey hom or kluey kai. Other popular ways of eating bananas are deep-fried in a light coating of batter to make fritters, or as banana cake.

Season: All year


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  • Sweeter than those usually found in the West, the Thai orange is hugely popular and is eaten as a between-meals snack, as dessert, or squeezed for the juice. Best enjoyed with pinch of salt.

    Season: All year

  • One of the most popular Thai fruits, with many varieties to be found, mostly yellow and soft to the touch when ripe. Slice open lengthwise, remove the large seed, then scoop out the delicious juicy flesh with a spoon. It is also eaten unripe, in salads.

    Season: February to May

  • Thai-grown tropical fruits are becoming legendary the world over. Their heady fragrances, ripe colors and succulent flavors have rightfully contributed to the country's burgeoning reputation as one of the world's major culinary hubs.

  • When ripe, the papaya turns and orange colour with streaks of red. The flesh inside is sweet, juicy and full of vitamins. Unripe papaya is used to make a popular spicy salad known as som-tam.

    Season: All year

  • Inclusive:

    • 1 Hua Hin surrounding + welcome drink
    • 1 Dinner in Thai Seafood Restaurant (drinks extra)
    • 1 Dinner in Thai/European Restaurant (drinks extra)
    • 1 Excursion (Sam Roi Yod, Pa La-U Waterfall or Petchaburi Palace) You can choose!
    • 1 Elephant Trekking
    • 1 Visit to Thai Silk Village
  • Not native to Thailand, but now grown widely in northern regions, where the kind climate produces generous crops. Similar in taste and taxture to western varieties.

  • The hard purple shell conceals a soft pulpy flesh surrounding large seeds. A popular fruit with visitors as well as Thais for its sweet juiciness.

    Season: March to November