Tangerine (Som)

Tangerine (Som)

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The Thai tangerine is small-er and has a thinner peel than its western counter-part. It is sweet and delicious and full of vitamins. Squeezed, the juice makes an excellent drink.


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  • When ripe, the papaya turns and orange colour with streaks of red. The flesh inside is sweet, juicy and full of vitamins. Unripe papaya is used to make a popular spicy salad known as som-tam.

    Season: All year

  • Sweeter than those usually found in the West, the Thai orange is hugely popular and is eaten as a between-meals snack, as dessert, or squeezed for the juice. Best enjoyed with pinch of salt.

    Season: All year

  • Peel off its golden yellow skin and a firm, sweet fruit is exposed inside, with a dark seed. Marina plums are often carved because of their firm texture.

    Season: March to September

  • With its distinctive knobbly outer skin, this delicious fruit is pulled apart by hand to reach the soft, sweet pulp inside. The black seeds are discarded.

    Season: May to August

    "Phrik" in Thai

  • Pink and hairy in appearance, the rambutan's skin can be squeezed open by hand or cut with a knife. Inside is a juicy, pale-coloured fruit and a large seed. Cheap and plentiful while in season.

    Season: May to October

  • As a teenage golfer playing for Durham's youth team, Johnnie Walker had to mind his p's and q's around the blazer brigade on the county committee.

    But now Johnnie and dad Richard are running bars in central Thailand, anything goes.

    "Thai golf can be a bit different to ours," said Johnnie, a three-handicap member of the Imperial Lake View club in the city of Hua Hin.