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Not native to Thailand, but now grown widely in northern regions, where the kind climate produces generous crops. Similar in taste and taxture to western varieties.


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  • Shaped like a small, pale green bell, the rose apple has a firm and crunchy inside, similar to a melon, but not so juicy. Several varieties are Available, with most having a rather sharp taste.

  • Widely available in several varieties. Coconut milk is a refreshing drink and the soft white flesh of the young fruit is delightful as a snack. Coconut flesh and milk is also widely used in Thai cooking.

    Season: All year

  • Big and succulent, Thai watermelons are usually eaten after a spicy dinner, when their delicate taste helps to quench the hot chillies of Thai food. Another type of melon, cantaloupe, is also now widely available. This is smaller and yellow or white inside Both are ideal for decorative carving.

  • Thai-grown tropical fruits are becoming legendary the world over. Their heady fragrances, ripe colors and succulent flavors have rightfully contributed to the country's burgeoning reputation as one of the world's major culinary hubs.

  • Many varieties of banana are grown in Thailand, but the most popular for dessert are kluey hom or kluey kai. Other popular ways of eating bananas are deep-fried in a light coating of batter to make fritters, or as banana cake.

    Season: All year

  • Similar in appearance to the grapefruit, though generally rather larger, the pomelo is much sweeter and may need a touch of salt to bring out the best taste.

    Season: All year

  • Thereby hot - in steam boiled up - herbal compresses are pressed on the skin.

    With the hot compresses the skin pores open and the herb mixture can do their agreeable and antiseptic effect to complete. The compresses contain a special Thai herbs mixture.

    This special kind of massage remained unchanged since beginning of the Ayutthaya period until today.